Dressurausbildungsstall Leonie Bramall und Volker Dusche


March 2019

First season rounds 2019

Lily Bendig kicked off this year, who was able to please with BOSCOLO (by Balettmeister) on the occasion of the K & K Cup in Münster after an 8th place finish in the qualifying competition.

Annalena Jendrossek on DON RIO (by Don Crusador) successfully started the season in Ankum with a 3rd place in S *, second place in St. Georg and again... 

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January 2019

Annual balance 2018

Again, with more than 100 ribbons, 47 of them alone in the FEI classes, we can look back on a very successful tournament year 2018. "Our" horses were victorious 27 times, won 23 times 2nd place, 10 times 3rd place.Another 43 times they were rewarded with a ribbon for their appealing performances.

We were especially happy about the successes of our girls,... 

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